Le Hieu Dang, Quit the CCP rule and "Hurricane on the team"

Le Hieu Dang, Quit the CCP rule and "Hurricane on the team"

RFA Pham Chi Dung from Vietnam


Le Hieu Dang.

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Rather argue and fight for social justice for the poor in the political dogma, changes taking place in the hearts of the rankings on chest Party, Vietnam newspapers not only suffered the circumstances were oriented as China, but also are themselves stumbled on the "self-censorship".

Balancing forces

Only a few days after the white girls Phuong Uyen freed at court, prestigious social media Vietnam is once again honored to warmly party report.

But more than that, months 8/2013 marked the first time the relationship between the forces of social media with the same report Margin party interference in a temporary equilibrium is considered, with the staggered difference in the "72 Recommendations" and different postures known about the people on the margins of the previous year.

Also launched website Bauxite Vietnam as it did with "72 Recommendations", two letters of two tough character movement Forces in Saigon last three years 1975 - "Thought of the day is sick" of Le Hieu Dang, and Ho Ngoc Nhuan with "Breaking chains" - was like more than enough to entice an aggressive campaign total capacity of most parties most prestigious newspapers such as People, Army, Cong An Nhan Dan, Great unity in the Capital, and several state-owned newspaper profound lack of expertise "counter propaganda" as and Youth Workers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Not too difficult to default mentality of the party newspaper with track record in the fight "Division, anti-peaceful evolution ", quite easy to explain in a peaceful evolution to be "steadfast mutation" of the Youth Newspaper after all the old editorial board has been "replaced gen" by team "arm party", also a former clerk to be prepared to "study" ... But it is too difficult to imagine a newspaper such as the Workers here is to the "ruling" the most bloody: "You could Le Hieu Dang should understand that if you want to set up a political party in Vietnam, it is necessary to rely on the provisions of the law. But act "peacefully, non-violence "does not prove that these are not acts of law violation, such, what 88 Penal Code: "Conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" ".

Heart or chest Party people?

In many people's minds, and all staff members, Laborers is one of the critical newspaper and most combat-related historical events "rebel farmers" Doan Van Park in Haiphong. Absolutely worthy of its mission, This newspaper has launched a crew of investigative reporters in the, clarifies the responsibilities of Tien Lang district administration and the police pushed Haiphong in the way farmers lost their land to the situation the same way and to what extent.

At the beginning of the year 2013, when the incident broke out hundreds of protesters based weekly newspaper Southern Chu dresses in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China to oppose censorship, Workers are also one of Vietnam newspaper reported that the center and the earliest comment.

The number is on the occasion of New Year, Southern Weekly article Chu dresses with "Dream a constitutional regime in China" to protect the basic rights of citizens. But an official of the Guangdong province censorship, This paper withdrawn and replaced by a totally lackluster post.

It was considered cowardly lies and this has sparked a wave of protests from a section of journalists in the editorial board of the weekly Southern Chu dresses. They released a statement condemning intervention, Censors. Statement of journalists in Southern Chu Mat has spread rapidly on the internet, despite censorship."We want freedom of the press, respect for the Constitution and democracy " - protesters had gathered and unfurled banners.

But shortly thereafter, a branch of People's Daily Times Hoan Cau declared: “No matter whether people are happy or not (to censorship), General thinking is not possible freedom of communication they wish to practice politics and society in China today ".

In the period 2011 – 2012, Organizations reporters Without Borders ranked China ranks 174 on total 179 national freedom of the press. Vietnam also ranks very well received "neighbor" to friends titled "Four Good" his.

Rather argue and fight for social justice for the poor in the political dogma, changes taking place in the hearts of the rankings on chest Party, Vietnam newspapers not only suffered the circumstances were oriented as China, but also are themselves stumbled on the "self-censorship".

"Hurricane on the team"

After the "72 Recommendations" in the first quarter 2013, again local people and overseas Vietnamese overseas who are certified polemics between two distant shore.

Image distance also reflects a common difference: "Fighting ratio" is 6/1, News 6 antiwar newspaper owned only a Bauxite.

Only a small group of intellectuals such as Nguyen Hue Chi, Toan Pham, Nguyen The Hung of Bauxite group subjected to challenge by a powerful force journalists and politicians sink stand has never revealed the presence of.

The phenomenon of "hidden birds dying" also reveal a tumultuous discovery of the Medical Center Catholic blog: through the lead just enough to convince, This blog authors prove worthy Amari TX U.S. overseas Vietnamese newspaper Nhan Dan and author Hoang Van Le newspaper Saigon Liberation – with Le Hieu Dang criticism – probably just a.

If you can say more about the name, Mr. Hoang Van Le is the editor of the Handbook of party building - a mouthpiece "imbued with national identity" of the HCMC Party Committee Propaganda Department of.

Vietnam Society also witnessed the same phenomenon at two interesting seasonal transition: a realization of the Le Hieu Dang and a spiritual direction to "attack on the collective" - ​​phrases that Le Hieu Dang campaign sign only "fair caning" of a party newspaper and the state-owned newspaper, reflected in a recent open letter posted on his website Bauxite Vietnam.

Yet, function where the opposite is the difference between ideal as the most formidable: Social media in Vietnam are quite enough reasons to be proud of their accumulation process, enough to create an abnormal neurological trauma for Central Propaganda Department and the foreign policy of the Party Central Committee.

Unusual phenomenon is also related to a theme of "nervous" other: quit trends are increasingly taking place on a large scale, to keep the momentum they can happen sociological phenomenon of the "free party" deeply.

Rule quit

In May 5/2013, a supplement of the People's Daily newspaper in Beijing first offered just keep 30 million members of more than 80 million current card party.

With relationships "causation" between China and Vietnam over the years, the sociological analysis can of course be found status as "members degradation of morality and lifestyle" between the two countries are not too different, and the consequences this may lead to complete initial assumptions about a just proportion 30% or less than the number of members that are considered "loyal" to the ruling party in Vietnam today.

But the rate is not 70% or more of the remaining members are moral degradation. Lots of anger public opinion has condemned only part of it, with the vast majority of the officials,, New guys are essentially moral degradation. But contrary, the recession was considered to be the ideological party members have expressed "Once," or "strike" in the party activities in major organs and in the local. Some local branch has said that if true, must have half the party members to "quit" like.

The atmosphere in Vietnam at this time is that many students who are in the last years of the Soviet Union 1990 memories of those changes before the complete collapse of the USSR.

A research paper on the report of the People's Party government in Vietnam was admitted to the status: Year 1991, tens of thousands of millionaires in Moscow, the majority of those who work for agencies of the Party, government. Results of the survey conducted in May 6 years shows that, in the senior class officers to the Soviet Union 76,7 % Some argue that we should follow the capitalist path. They are not only for the full scoop pockets, but also continue to hold the high position, control of state power ... Before the Communist Party of the Soviet Union no longer had a population survey on the topic: "Communist Party of the Soviet Union who represents?”. The result is, Some people claim that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union represented the Soviet people up 7%, representing workers accounted for 4%, represent all members accounted for 11%. Meanwhile, have to 85% of respondents said that: Communist Party of the Soviet Union officials representing, officials and state employees.

As with Vietnam, the star is the?

"Comprehensive Betrayal"

Many Vietnamese people always headache: the ruling party in this country who are representing?

No public answers on state media, and more statistically impossible for propaganda reports about the dissatisfaction rate and the reaction of the people and party members. But recent days have scattered across several newspapers have a suggestion of criticism of the political interest groups that are manipulated policy to protect "class interests".

The post was able to meet with Le Hieu Dang and empathy former death row inmate who is not an extremist as those applicable law requires 88 for he often described. In contrast, he is peaceful and only want to exclude interest groups and political tycoons are manipulating the country, prevent alienation by a country through bloodshed can attack in the near future. Le Hieu Dang also genuinely concerned that some young people may be too impatient that will "burn phase" create conflict and confrontation with institutions, lead to arrests and persecution ...

The last day, before any changes in expression of the "attack on the collective", in a deep sense, and most markedly, Le Hieu Dang still receiving calmly. He only wishes to tell the truth and that truth changes. A new party formed only need to create a counterweight to the change in an upcoming social deprivation, not trying to "overthrow" anyone.

And the wonderful thing is the fact that human rights defenders are Le Hien Duc in Hanoi considered "comprehensive betrayal" is made to Le Hieu Dang recovers, get rid of illness as being deliberately abused his ...

*Posts by Dr. Pham Chi Dung from Vietnam RFA. The contents do not reflect the views of Radio Free Asia

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